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Hi, I'm Markus Voss. I'm working as a software developer in Lippstadt near Paderborn, Germany.


Most of my time I'm busy with php, Javascript and SQL. But I'm also writing TypeScript, HTML and CSS. Currently I'm working on an business intelligence software at scoreworx software.

Image of the Lippstadt town hall
Lippstadt town hall (Source: Wikipedia)

I've also gained expirence in Linux over the years. Secure my web server, was setting up my own mail server and operate an VPN solution with OpenVPN / Wireguard. On my private computer I prefer a Debian based operation system. But I also like to work with Windows and OSX.

At the moment I'm learning the Go programming language. As exercise I'm writing a small weblog software in Go an will publish it on Github later. In future I want wo write an Android App with Dart and Flutter. A cross plattform application in C# with Visual Studio and Xamarin Forms would be also nice but my free time is too short.

several projects

When I'm not sitting in front of my computer, I'm meeting with my friends to watch movies and Bundesliga soccer games. I also like to cook and listening music.


Image of my private desk
My private working desk :)

I'm working on several projects in my free time. Mostly to improve my coding skills. I love to code and have a strong interest in new technologies.

At the moment I'm using Windows 10 with WSL on my computer. I also run Ubuntu 18.04 in dual boot. For my projects I'm using Jetbrains IDEs and Sublime Text on both operatin systems.

In future I want to publish all my private projects on Github. Please understand that I can't offer any support at the moment.


A GNOME 3 extension which add a squirrel icon to the top menu where you can open the gnome terminal app. It was my first step into GNOME 3 extension development.


A simple and alternative user style for the CRM software infra-struktur with an eye friendly color scheme.

PXM next

A forum software I'm working on a while. Written in php / Mysql with Laravel Framework. It's a complete rewrite of the famous PXMBoard and compatible with his database structure. Unfortunately it isn't finished yet.


If you have any questions or feedback then write me in german or english. You can email me at kontakt@voss.dev or send me a message on Github. :)